Other Resources and Tools

Software tools and business training to help your studio succeed

Nothing makes it onto this page unless we love it and use it in our own studio, but I should mention that some of these links are affiliate links and we do get some commission if you purchase through them. In most cases you’ll also get a discount, an extended free trial or some other bonus too. There are also links on here (e.g., Zapier) that don’t give you or us anything more than a recommendation to a great product.

Software for Photographers

Our team uses these apps every day to run the studio and produce artwork for our clients.

General Business Tools

These are the tools I'd keep using even if I wasn't a photographer. They help us stay efficient and sane!


Here's what we've been listening to lately:

Web Stuff

Aside from this site, our studio has three brands. That's a lot of websites to build and manage, and after lots of headaches, confusing support calls, random viruses, lost backups and more support calls, we think we've found a bit of a "dream team" of suppliers. I know you're busy, so these people will save you dealing with some of those same problems we had.