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Messenger Marketing For Photographers

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Messenger Automation has transformed my studio almost as much as Andrew’s podcast has, so this page is here to share what I’ve learned, and to help you do it yourself. I’ve also got a course that will give you a massive shortcut (including being able to simply install my chat sequences directly into your own bot).

The video below explains what we’ve been doing and all the nice surprises I found when I started using Messenger automation in our studio.

So, I’ve told you why we use Messenger. Now let me show you how. Here’s an overview of a sequence I put together with Andrew to qualify leads for Impact Images. Watch the video below and it will all make much more sense, I promise!
Finally, the absolute best way to understand this lead qualification technique is to try it out from a customer’s perspective.

To try out an example, just click the button below and then click “Get Started” when Messenger pops up.


Nerd Alert!

If you love to analyse your marketing numbers, like click-through rates, conversion rates and costs-per-lead, then this next bit is for you. If you don’t, here’s the short version:

We implemented Andrew’s course a bunch of times, testing and changing things each time, and the results kept getting better.

Now skip this next bit and don’t judge me for being a nerd … or continue with caution!

Four FB Ad Attemps

(With very different results)
As soon as I read Andrew’s course it was clear he was onto something. It took a few attempts to optimise his system for our studio, but even the very first results were pretty good (6 engagement sessions and 2 wedding bookings from a $100 ad).

After four attempts, some refinement of the ads and the introduction of Messenger, we booked 38 engagement sessions for less than $5 each. The sales from that campaign were also much better, and the shoots were more fun too actually, because we were so well-matched.

On this page, I’m hoping I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made, so that you can take a shortcut straight to the kind of results we’re getting now. The course is just intended as a much bigger shortcut.

Here’s a little history in numbers:

Attempt 1:

16 Leads
The first FB ad asked people to answer a questionnaire on our website. The ad reach was low and there were too many questions so we lost a lot of leads. We also spent a lot of time on the phone to book six sessions.
  • % Called 100% 100%
  • % Answered Calls (Eventually!) 100% 100%
  • % Qualified 64% 64%
  • % Booked 43% 43%

6 Bookings ($16.82 / booking)
Attempt 2:

70 Leads
We wanted more leads (and cheaper ones), so we scrapped the questionnaire and only asked two questions via Messenger (phone number and email address). Every person who sent those went onto a call list. Lots more leads, but big troubles catching people on the phone.
  • % we attempted to call 100% 100%
  • % Answered Calls (Approx) 50% 50%
  • % Qualified (Approx) 30% 30%
  • % Booked 16% 16%

11 Bookings ($33.41 / booking)
Attempt 3:

112 Leads
We increased our ad budget by 7x. Masses of leads, but even more problems on the phone, and many leads went stale. Started experimenting with automated shortlisting via Messenger midway through the promo, but it was too late.
  • % Called 100% 100%
  • % Answered Calls 49% 49%
  • % Qualified 38% 38%
  • % Booked 10% 10%

17 Bookings ($30.03 / booking)

70 Leads
Used Messenger to reach out automatically and shortlist the best leads, scheduled calls with those and made the final booking decision and offer on the phone.
  • % Shortlisted by Messenger 87% 87%
  • % Calls Scheduled 79% 79%
  • % Calls Answered (1 Attempt) 90% 90%
  • % Booked 54% 54%

38 Bookings ($4.70 / booking)

Get some help

If you’d like some help getting your messenger bot set up, we’ve got a course that’s designed just for photographers. We’ve done all the experimentation for you, so you can skip straight to the bit where you get results. Click below to find out more.
But be warned – I talk with my hands a lot! Here’s some proof: