There are 6 lessons, and each of them contain 4-6 videos each.

You’ll have a bot set up and responding to enquiries from the very first lesson. To make this as easy as possible, this lesson contains an installable template for a “Welcome Message” – this is what your customers will receive when they first send a message to you.

After that, the lessons get into progressively more advanced topics until you’re setting up promos (again with the help of an easy-to-install template), and using your bot to pre-qualify and book shoots.

Lesson Six is where we get into more advanced topics like Zapier automation, and this one isn’t for everybody. There’s also more in the facebook group – this is where Iain records short videos to answer specific questions and share new ideas. Ask a question in there and you’re likely to get a video answer showing exactly how to do it!

You don’t need to watch every video, but there is approximately 4 hours of content available to you if you would like to go right through to the most advanced lessons. If you implement what you learn, you’ll save many times more than that.